Creative writing extract from a mental health sufferers seminar.

I went on a creative writing course today for people who suffer from mental health issues and had a bit of time to write something based on a certain theme, intertwined with making numerous cups of tea and chatting up the girl sitting next to me. Here is what I wrote. I’ve not edited it, this is just what flowed out of me naturally in today’s session. (more…)


The Top 20 Books I’ve Read This Year

Hi, all.

Last year, this was my most popular post. This year, I’ve read so many amazing books that I’ve had to drink four cans and listen to extreme death metal to get my mind in to any sort of state that it can take on this gigantic task. Well, let’s see what happens. All the quotes attached to the books are from my original reviews that can be found on here or Fantasy Book Review (and a few covers and Amazon pages – woop -maybe I should have stopped at three cans! :s) I will include my review scores next to the books but the rating does not necessarily grant it a higher place… this post is me reflecting on the last year and the effects that the books have had on me ! But enough of that, back to drinking… (more…)

The Top 12 Books I’ve Read This Year… So Far.

Hi everyone.

I’ve got an hour to burn before I go to a work meeting so thought I’d fill the time picking my top 12 books that I’ve read this year… so far! It’s about halfway through the year but I still have about 40 books to read on my Goodreads schedule. Let’s see how many of these make the final cut at the end of the year. One of these books I haven’t finished yet but I know it’s worthy of the list. So without further waffling, here we go… (more…)

Author Spotlight: Devin Madson – Can Magic be Science by another name?

Article written by Devin Madson-

The fantasy of my reading youth all fell into the category we would now call ‘soft magic’. It had no rules and no structure beyond the occasional dusty tome or wizarding school. If someone had asked me to explain the magic systems of Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings or The Belgariad by David Eddings, I couldn’t have done more than point to the places in the narrative where magic existed. I could see it, I knew it was there, I just couldn’t explain it. (more…)

Author Spotlight: A Quip Is Worth A Thousand Words by C.T. Phipps

I’m a smartass, I can’t help it. It’s a quality that bleeds into my writing and I love how my characters can say the things I’d love to say without consequence. Well, usually, they are attacked at the end of the conversations, but my characters have an ability to kick ass I wholly do not possess. However, how much snark is too much snark?

One of my all-time favorite creations and easily the first or second-best thing I ever wrote was I WAS A TEENAGE WEREDEER. The first volume of the Bright Falls Mysteries was the story of a young woman named Jane Doe, her very name telling you what kind of story we were in, who had to solve the murder of the local homecoming queen after her brother is made the prime suspect by the police. (more…)

Author Spotlight: The Magical Fallout by Jesse Teller

The Magical Fallout

Almost every fantasy world you will read about has some kind of magical system, a list of rules the magic in that world is built on. Sometimes these rules are made plain. Others, they are purposely left vague or unexplained. In my world, I like to embed nuggets of explanation in one place and leave it for the reader to find the story where that part of the world is brought to light. I was asked to talk about my wizards and their magic system for You and I Books, and I jumped at the chance.  (more…)

Blurbs on Covers (New)

I apologise for being a bit geeky but as a book reviewer, I love finding out when my words make a book cover or an Amazon page. I’ve seen a few book posts recently on the Twittersphere and saw my quotes have made the cover of three awesome books and I’m pretty damn proud! I did a post a while ago about covers and Amazon pages I’d been on before so this is just a mini-update with the new additions. Also, one of these is a German version of a book where they translated my quote!! Here are three images below and I advise you all to check out these books, although you’ll have to be fluent in German to enjoy one of them. Note:- if you’re new to my blog then I’ll advise that I write for Fantasy Book Review so nobody gets confused. 🙂 (more…)