Books that I will be reading over the next few months.

This is an article for me as much as it is for anyone else. I’m terrible at figuring out what I am to read next and I sometimes waste whole days deliberating. The following 14 books are what, at the time of writing, I am planning to read and review soon. When I have reviewed these books I will add the links to this post. In no particular order the novels are as follows:

Giles Kristian – Lancelot

Adrian TchaikovskyThe Doors of Eden
48643567. sy475

Rob J. Hayes – Along The Razor’s Edge
49197702. sy475

Tim Waggoner – The Forever House

Samantha Shannon – The Priory of the Orange Tree
29774026. sy475

David Gemmell – Troy: Shield of Thunder

Scott Oden – A Gathering of Ravens

Jenn Lyons – The Name of All Things

Grady Hendrix – The Southern Book Club’s Guide To Slaying Vampires

Chris Wooding – Retribution Falls

M. L. Wang – The Sword of Kaigen

Michael R. Miller – The Dragon’s Blade – The Reborn King
27984704. sy475

Brian McClellan – Uncanny Collateral
43716670. sy475

Damien Black – The Returning
48340726. sy475



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