The Top 12 Books I’ve Read This Year… So Far.

Hi everyone.

I’ve got an hour to burn before I go to a work meeting so thought I’d fill the time picking my top 12 books that I’ve read this year… so far! It’s about halfway through the year but I still have about 40 books to read on my Goodreads schedule. Let’s see how many of these make the final cut at the end of the year. One of these books I haven’t finished yet but I know it’s worthy of the list. So without further waffling, here we go…

12) Jonathan French – The Grey Bastards

“Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen next I was blindsided and then the chaos, twists, drama, and unpredictability gave me an Orc-powered punch to the gut!”


11) Ed McDonald – Ravencry

“This is top quality fantasy, assured and inventive in equal measure, with the kind of pacing that feels like a surging tsunami- an unstoppable maelstrom building to impossible heights before crashing down in a fury of destruction. ” – Quote stolen from Emma at Fantasy Book Review


10) Melissa Caruso – The Defiant Heir

“The Defiant Heir was pretty brilliant… Full of great political drama, hidden plots, thrilling moments, betrayals and showdowns.”


9) Dyrk Ashton – Paternus: Wrath of Gods

I haven’t reviewed this one yet – Quote to be added soon.


8) Rob J. Hayes – City of Kings

“A great dark fantasy tale featuring war, betrayal, monsters and utter bastards that will bludgeon the grimdark scene into submission.”


7) Peter McLean – Priest of Bones

“This will be the book that grimdark fans will be raving about at the end of this year.”


6) Peter Newman – The Deathless

“Newman has composed a stunning tale… Unpredictable drama tinged with moments of horror and featuring the sort of grotesque creatures you wouldn’t want to meet late at night.”


5) Mark Lawrence – Grey Sister

“The more devilish Nona gets the more intriguing she appears to us all. It’s Mark Lawrence. So stop reading this and buy the book.”


4) Josiah Bancroft – Arm of the Sphinx

“Start this series if you haven’t already.”


3) Nicholas Eames – Bloody Rose

I haven’t reviewed this one yet – Quote to be added soon.


2) R.F. Kuang – The Poppy War

“A masterpiece by grimdark’s newest and perhaps darkest daughter.”


1) RJ Barker – King of Assassins

“I devoured this exquisite mystery, magic and assassin-tinged fantasy conclusion in two days.”


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  1. Bastards, Ravencry and Sphinx are all great. Not surprised Bloody Rose is on the list as it seems to be getting rave reviews from all. Damn, King of Assassins at number 1! I’m hoping to start it either today or tomorrow but number 1 on your list is high praise!

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