Books that I will read and review over the next few months.

Hello dear readers,

I hope you are all well and coping okay during this unprecedented coronavirus period. I’m well, thanks for asking, and I’m now nearly seven months sober!

This post is probably for me more than anyone else who has come across this page. I’m terrible at sticking to a reading order and there always seems to be more and more incredible books that I want to check out. I’ve had to be brutal to myself and say that I can’t accept any books to review until all the books on this page have been read and reviewed.

One or two of these novels have embargo dates where I can’t review them until that point. A couple of the books here will require re-reads as my memories of the previous books in the series are foggy at best. A few of these books are door-stopping monsters too! (I’m looking at you XX, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, and Rhythm of War.)

I also think that this line-up of books that I have to review is one of the finest line-ups that I’ve ever had since I started reviewing books about 3 years ago.

So without further ado, these are the books that I’ll read and review over the next few months. I think I’m reviewing them all for Grimdark Magazine so they will end up on your pages too dear humble hobbly blog… eventually. WordPress block editor annoys me so I only tend to update you about once a month now. Cheerio and happy reading.

Yours truly,
James A. Tivendale

Andrzej Sapkowski (trans. by David French) – The Tower of Fools (The Hussite Trilogy #1)

Tags: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Polish Literature, Historical Fantasy

Notes: Can’t post reviews until the first week in October.

41556954. sy475
Physical ARC Received

Evan Winter – The Fires of Vengeance (The Burning #2)

Tags: Fantasy, Adult, Epic Fantasy, Dragons

Notes: Have recently re-read The Rage of Dragons. Loved it even more the second time. Can’t post reviews until at least September.

43174603. sy475
E-Arc Received

Steven Holstaken & Melissa Prusi – Stoker’s Wilde West (Stoker’s Wilde #2)

Tags: Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural, Vampires, Historical Fiction

Physical Arc Received

Den Patrick – Witchsign, Stormtide and Nightfall

Tags: Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, High Fantasy, Magic

Notes: Will read these books quite quickly as may be interviewing Patrick early October.

34913643. sy475
E-Arcs Received of first 2
Physical copy of Nightfall

Garth Nix – The Left-Handed Booksellers of London

Tags: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Books about Books, Urban Fantasy

E-arc Received

Christopher Paolini – To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Tags: Science Fiction, Space Opera, Adult, Fantasy

48894288. sy475
Physical ARC Received

R. F. Kuang – The Burning God (The Poppy War #3)

Tags: Fantasy, Adult, Historical Fiction, Epic Fantasy

Notes: Will probably re-read The Poppy War and The Dragon Republic prior to reading this.

45857086. sy475
E-Arc Received

Matthew Harffy – Wolf of Wessex

Tags: Historical Fiction, Medieval, Fantasy, Mystery

49534246. sx318 sy475
Copy purchased

Sarah A. Denzil – You Are Invited: A Ghost Story

Tags: Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal

53628777. sy475
E-Arc Received

Brandon Sanderson – Rhythm of War

Tags: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy

49420415. sy475
Awaiting review copy.

Rian Hughes – XX

Tags: Science Fiction, Design, Fiction, Graphic Novel

55042592. sy475
Physical Arc Received

Bernard Cornwell – The Empty Throne (The Last Kingdom #6)

Tags: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Medieval

Copy purchased

Nadia Afifi – The Sentient

Tags: Science Fiction, Science, Dystopian

Physical Arc Received

Tom Lloyd – God of Night (The God Fragments #4)

Tags: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Magic

Awaiting review copy

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