My year in books 2017




2017: Reflecting on a year as a book reviewer – James Tivendale

I have seen a few bloggers writing these sort of posts and thought I would reflect on what has been an amazing year for me reviewing books. I’ve been reviewing now for about 14 months and have obtained many Xbox-like book reviewer achievements. 

A few highlights:
Receiving 317 likes for my Mark Lawrence – Red Sister review on Goodreads. (more…)

Fantasy Book Review’s #SPFBO Finalist

Hi all. As you probably know. I’ve been the judge for Fantasy Book Review’s allocated 30 books for the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off. I am posting this on my silly little hobby blog as FBR is a review library sort of site and doesn’t tend to have these sort of blog articles. I have had a great group of 30 books. I would say after Fantasy Book Critic, we have arguably had the best batch of books this year.  (more…)

The top 20 fantasy books that I’ve read this year.

So, my first full year of reviewing is quickly coming to its end. I’ve had a great year and have read some amazing books. Believe it or not but it’s been incredibly tough to cut it down to my favourite 20! Without delay – my favourite fantasy books of the year. I’m limiting myself to one book per author.

20 – Melissa Caruso – The Tethered Mage

“Beautifully written political fantasy drama full of courtly intrigue, powerful enemies, and phenomenal magic potential”


19 – Brandon Sanderson – Oathbringer (more…)

What Fantasy Book Review are doing for #SPFBO – Round 1

Hi, all.

Fantasy Book Review has judged in the contest before but, as I am the man in charge of proceedings this year, I wanted to make sure I was happy before completing this sort of post. I’ve been spying on what other blogs do and what I think works and after researching I’m happy with how things will now proceed for Fantasy Book Review. I’ve spoken at length with a lot of my blogging pals such as Petros (Booknest) and Mihir (Fantasy Book Critic) to ask questions and get advice. My plan is slightly different to those blogs but hopefully interesting and exciting. (more…)

Covers and Amazon

One of the coolest feelings of being a book blogger is getting your words on Amazon pages or on the covers of books that you love. I’ve been doing this for about ten months now and am not doing too bad. I don’t really follow my reviews but I have been made aware I have made Amazon pages for Brian Staveley, Chris Sharp, and John Gwynne. But, being on covers for books that I really enjoyed is so cool. Such as…




It rules. Bloggers, most you guys write better than me, have more friends, are more eloquent. Keep at what you do because the rewards are out there. Plus, I love reading your reviews.

Peace y’all. x


My top 20 songs of all time

I know this is a book blog but I woke up early and was bored so I thought this exercise would be fun although horrendously difficult. My favourte 20 songs in no particular order are as follows. I recommend checking them out. This will be cool to do and I promise that I will go back to book related stuff next time. 🙂

Extol – Undeceived (Death Metal)

extol (more…)