Review of ~ Simon Crook – Silverweed Road

Silverweed Road, the collection of short horror stories, is dark, unique, chilling, and very British. Silverweed Road, the road, is made up of around 40 mock-Tudor houses, is J-shaped, has a dead-end that leads to ominous woods, is full of peculiar characters, and strange happenings are a regular occurrence. Short story horror anthologies aren’t typically my... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ J.T. Greathouse – The Garden of Empire (Pact and Pattern #2)

The Hand of the Sun King was the first-person autobiographical recounting of Wen Alder’s formative years. As The Garden of Empire mentions quite early on, there is still much of Wen Alder’s story to tell, yet this is now becoming the story of an empire. This is a neat way of explaining that throughout this entry, we follow... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ Daniel Abraham – The King’s Blood (The Dagger and the Coin #2)

The King’s Blood is another strong entry in Abraham’s politically charged, character-driven fantasy series, The Dagger and the Coin. The Dragon’s Path helped get me out of a reading slump and The King’s Blood features more of the same fine elements that kept me engaged during the first entry. Complex and often misunderstood lead characters, excellent drama, high stakes,... Continue Reading →

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