Books that I am planning to read and review over the next few months (Dec ’20 – Feb ’21)

Hi, everyone. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my page. I hope you're all good and looking forward to Xmas. I'm doing one of these "what I will read next" posts as I find them useful to try and stay focused on my reading plan. These pages are so I hopefully won't be drawn... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ Brandon Sanderson – Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive #4)

Please note: I don’t believe my review includes any spoilers for Rhythm of War, but to be safe: minor spoilers may follow. Originally posted on Grimdark Magazine.Rhythm of War picks up events approximately a year after the finale of Oathbringer. The Knights Radiant have continued their war against Odium’s Fused and Singer armies though neither... Continue Reading →

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