Review of ~ Peter McLean – Priest of Bones (War for the Rose Crown #1)


I received an advance reading copy of Priest of Bones in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Peter McLean and Ace for the opportunity.

The crime boss, soldier, and priest Tomas Piety has spent the last three years fighting a war he was conscripted into. Although victorious, it all seems hollow with the death, destruction, plague, and famine that has ravished the land. We join Tomas and his crew of trusted mercenaries as they are venturing home, warworn and looking to return to their previous lives. Upon reaching Ellingberg- the city where Tomas and his gang the Pious Men once controlled the streets he soon realises that his businesses have been stolen whilst he has been away spilling blood and guts for his Queen. (more…)


Review of ~ James Jakins – Jack Bloodfist: Fixer


Jack Bloodfist: Fixer has made it to the final stages of the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off and I read it as part of Fantasy Book Review’s contribution to the contest.

Jakins’ entry is an urban fantasy novel that’s set mainly within the city of Summervale. Jack is a suit-wearing and likable half-orc and half-goblin. He is a fixer which is a professional who looks after any problems or issues the orc or goblin communities may face including tenancy disputes, crime issues and arranging funerals. Up until twenty years ago, these races resided in the ‘old world’ which was a typical fantasy setting but following a confrontation they escaped for pastures new. The environment depicted throughout this narrative where they now find themselves reminded me of an alternative New York City but one in which orcs, goblins, elves, werewolves, and even gnomes frequent, albeit operating slightly below the surface of human existence. All seems to be going fine with Jack perfectly administering the lives of his family and cousins until a mysterious knight they last crossed twenty years ago turns up with a vendetta and personal objectives to murder all orcs. And he’s got the power of a formidable but irate God on his side. (more…)

Review of ~ Raymond E. Feist – King of Ashes (The Firemane Saga #1)

8/10 – Will be posted on Fantasy Book Review shortly.

I received an advance reader copy of King of Ashes in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Raymond E. Feist and Harper Voyager.

For many generations, the five great Kingdom’s had enjoyed a time of peace and prosperity. Each realm had its own Monarch and the story begins with a great battle and the betrayal of Steveren Langene, the King of Ithrace. He is known as Firemane because of his bright red hair and his Kingdom was a place of arts, culture, and merriment. His former allies are looking to execute him, his family (not excluding the women and children), and leave his city and legacy in ashes. After the Firemane house’s inevitable demise and when the conflict has concluded the powerful Baron Daylon Dumarch finds a mysterious young child in his war tent just before his army is about the return to his freehold of Marquensas. As a former close acquaintance of Firemane’s, he believes that this baby is the last of the late King’s children and has somehow escaped the rest of his families fate. (more…)

Review of ~ Josiah Bancroft – Arm of the Sphinx (The Books of Babel #2)


To be posted on Fantasy Book Review shortly ~~

I received an advance reader copy of Arm of the Sphinx in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Josiah Bancroft and Orbit Books. Bancroft’s second outing in The Books of Babel series was originally self-published in 2015 and has recently been re-released through Orbit. Following on from Senlin Ascends, Thomas Senlin and his handful of colourful acquaintances find themselves living a life of piracy outside the tower onboard their commandeered airship The Stone Cloud. (more…)

Review of ~ Petros Triantafyllou – Art of War: Anthology for Charity


I received a review copy of Art of War: Anthology for Charity in exchange for an honest review. I’d like to thank Petros Triantafyllou for this opportunity but also for his amazing efforts in putting this exquisite anthology together. All the proceeds will go to Medecins San Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). Having already compiled 40 of the finest fantasy authors currently writing, John Anthony Di Giovanni and Shawn King, arguably the best cover artists around also contribute. (more…)

Review of ~ James Islington – An Echo of Things to Come (The Licanius Trilogy #2)


I received a review copy of An Echo of Things to Come in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Orbit Books and James Islington.

The narrative picks up events one month after The Blinds’ brutal assault on Ilin Illan which concluded The Shadow of What Was Lost. All of the four main point-of-view characters (Davian, Wirr, Asha, and Caeden) find themselves with very different objectives, however, all are hoping to put a stop to what could be an impending invasion beyond reckoning at the hands of a supremely powerful enemy should The Boundary at the edge of Talen Gol fall. (more…)

Review of ~ James Islington – The Shadow of What Was Lost (The Licanius Trilogy #1)


I received a review copy of The Shadow of What Was Lost in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank James Islington and Orbit Books.

To begin with, I really thought this was going to be a “run of the mill” chosen one in a magic school sort of fantasy adventure. Thankfully only about 5-10% takes place at said establishment and the rest embraced a pretty awesome and beautifully depicted fantasy world. It still gives off the “chosen one” vibe throughout but that trope doesn’t bother me if it’s done well. (more…)