My favourite books that I read before I started reviewing.

I started reading books as a major hobby approximately 5 years ago. I started reviewing about 9 months ago. The following 15 books, in no order, are some of my all time favourites that I read before my reviewing days. I will hopefully come back to re-read and then review them sometime soon. Until then…

Marc Morris ~ Edward I – A Great and Terrible King
History – Goodreads rating – 5-stars

ed (more…)

Review of ~ James Patterson – Cat and Mouse (Alex Cross #4)


It was amazing to return to the corrupt and thrilling world where the policeman, psychologist and all around great family man, Alex Cross tries to solve insanely complex. homicide cases. Although often extremely violent and upsetting, dealing with the darkest sides of what crimes humans can commit, I love reading this series and the majority of the entries are highly addictive. (more…)

Review of ~ Michael R. Fletcher – Fire and Flesh – A Manifest Delusions Short Story


*Quick review*

Fletcher’s short story, Fire and Flesh is a standalone tale from his Manifest Delusions series. I haven’t yet read that series but it has been on my radar for a while. Fletcher advised me that this 17-page-narrative would be fine to approach before reading Beyond Redemption so, one rainy day I frequented a local British pub and whilst enjoying a pint of cider, I devoured the story within an hour. For a short book, I must admit, (more…)

The top fantasy debut releases of 2017

Hi, all. This list is in no particular order. The first seven are books I have read and the remaining four are books that I NEED to read. I decided a top eleven was the best way to go for this article as I didn’t want to omit a quality release. I believe that the majority of these books will become benchmarks of quality in the fantasy fiction genre. You heard it here first gang. x (more…)

The Nintendo Book Tag

theI enjoy doing these “tag” posts about once a month and I love Nintendo so this was a perfect match.

1. NES (Nintendo Entertainment System): A classic you want to read


There were a few contenders for this accolade. The winner is Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Notable mentions go to Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night and Zamyatin’s We. All three are books waiting on my Kindle to be read in the next few months.

2. SNES (Super Nintendo): A sequel you liked more than the first (can be the second book in a series)


A trip down memory lane here but until Summer 2012 I didn’t really read. I remembered being 7-years-old at my grandad’s house and I reflected that he had and loved The Dark Tower books. This was my first foray into fantasy and where The Gunslinger was very average, I thought this was brilliant in every way. (more…)