The top twelve SFF books I’ve read so far this year – 2019.

I know that everybody loves lists so below, in no order, are the top twelve science fiction and fantasy books that I have read so far this year. I hope everyone reading this is good and keeps on reading, writing, blogging, and generally kicking ass in all directions. Peace. x

Adrian Tchaikovsky – Children of Time – “When I finished reading this story the first thought I had upon reflection was that there is no way I could be an author because I could never write anything this good so what would be the point? It’s one of the best science fiction books I’ve ever read.” Click here for the full review.


M. R. Carey – Someone Like Me – “This is an exceptional psychological thriller that blew my mind.” Click here for the full review.


Peter Newman – The Ruthless – “One of the most developed, unique, and thrilling fantasy series currently being written… highly recommended.” Click here for the full review.


Melissa Caruso – The Unbound Empire – “A phenomenally well-written, engrossing political fantasy series with fine dialogue throughout.” Click here for the full review.


Justin Call – Master of Sorrows – “Exquisite… features tragic and sad deaths, utter betrayals, twisty-turny-twisty-turns, phenomenal weapons, and well depicted disabled individuals.” Click here for the full review.


Alexander Dan Vilhjálmsson – Shadows of the Short Days – 
“A masterfully crafted dark tale . . . one of the most ambitious, intense, original and thrilling debuts I’ve read in a long time.” Click here for the full review.


Ian C. Esslemont – Kellanved’s Reach – “The world created is incomparable and the pinnacle of not just fantasy but current literature in general. I had to drop everything and start this immediately.” Click here for the full review. (My review is below Joshua’s.)


Ed McDonald – Crowfall – “Crowfall is an engaging and thrilling final chapter to an excellent dark fantasy trilogy… When fans of dark fantasy think of standout characters in the genre, Galharrow is a name that will be uttered alongside Jorg, Geralt, and Locke Lamora.” – Click here for the full review.


Michael R. Miller – Battle Spire – “Battle Spire is like Hard Boiled and Die Hard wrapped up in a grandiose and extravagant fantasy game. Instead of Chow Yun-Fat or Bruce Willis to save the day, we have Jack…” – Click here for the full review.


Mitchell Hogan – Dawn of the Exile – “This is a gem of a sequel… It is dark, but features heart, has a great cast, stunning pacing, and leaves me salivating for whatever comes next.” – Click here for the full review.


John Gwynne – A Time of Blood – “The Order of the Bright Star shout ‘Truth and Courage’ when they charge into battle. Looking at the consistent, high quality of Gwynne’s outings, I imagine when he writes he has a mantra that states ‘anything below excellent is not good enough.’” – Click here for the full review.


Peter McLean – Priest of Lies – “Priest of Lies is stunning low fantasy by an author who is on top of his game.” – Click here for the full review.


Honourable mentions go to:


Thanks for reading. I’m intrigued to see which of these books will make my best of the year list. I will put them in some sort of order at that point which will be difficult. There are so many good books to read!




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