The Top 20 Books I’ve Read This Year

Hi, all.

Last year, this was my most popular post. This year, I’ve read so many amazing books that I’ve had to drink four cans and listen to extreme death metal to get my mind in to any sort of state that it can take on this gigantic task. Well, let’s see what happens. All the quotes attached to the books are from my original reviews that can be found on here or Fantasy Book Review (and a few covers and Amazon pages – woop -maybe I should have stopped at three cans! :s) I will include my review scores next to the books but the rating does not necessarily grant it a higher place… this post is me reflecting on the last year and the effects that the books have had on me ! But enough of that, back to drinking…

20 –

Rena Rossner – The Sisters of Winter Wood – 8/10


I said = “A magical, haunting and mysterious debut featuring anti-semitism, enchantments, peculiar love stories, bizarre fruits and unsolvable murders in a small quaint settlement.”

19 –

Tasha Suri – Empire of Sand – 8.3/10


I said = “Empire of Sand is an exciting, refreshing and dark debut featuring intricate and intriguing magic rites.”

18 –

Mitchell Hogan – Shadow of the Exile – 8.5/10


I said = “A stunning, thought-provoking new fantasy series following a likable demon and a mysterious sorceress.”

17 –

Tade Thompson – Rosewater – 9/10


I said = “This is the best science fiction book I’ve read in a few years. Bravo, Tade.”

16 –

Melissa Caruso – The Defiant Heir – 8.5/10


I said = “The Defiant Heir was pretty brilliant… Full of great political drama, hidden plots, thrilling moments, betrayals and showdowns.”

15 –

Brian D. Anderson – Behind the Vale – 8.5/10


I said = “Contains all the ingredients that make an excellent Final Fantasy-esque addictive and thoroughly enjoyable fantasy thriller.”

14 –

Phil Tucker – Nightmare Keep – 8.7/10


I said = (about Death March) “Death March is gripping, with intense action segments, awesome characters, and a detailed magic and perks system.”

13 –

Rob J. Hayes – City of Kings – 8.7/10


I said = “A great dark fantasy tale featuring war, betrayal, monsters and utter bastards that will bludgeon the grimdark scene into submission.”

12 –

Peter McLean – Priest of Bones – 9/10


I said = “This will be the book that grimdark fans will be raving about at the end of this year.”

11 –

Peter Newman – The Deathless – 8.8./10


I said = “Newman has composed a stunning tale… Unpredictable drama tinged with moments of horror and featuring the sort of grotesque creatures you wouldn’t want to meet late at night.”

10 –

Dyrk Ashton – Paternus: Wrath of Gods – 9/10


Quote to follow.

9 –

Gareth Hanrahan – The Gutter Prayer – 9.2/10 (Provisional rating – subject to change)


I said – Check back in a couple of days. I’ve not even finished this yet but it deserves to be here.

8 –

Mark Lawrence – One Word Kill – 9.1/10


I said = “An exceptional narrative featuring time travel that’s cleverly composed and thoroughly thrillingly.”

7 –

Nicholas Eames – Bloody Rose – 9.3/10


I said = ” In Bloody Rose, the build-up, culmination, and the eventual ending is perfectly composed, performed and written. I’ve read most of the top new authors in the last few years and Eames is the one to watch who will end up in Rothfuss, Lynch, Martin territory for excellence.”

6 –

RJ Barker – King Of Assassins – 9.3/10


I said – “I devoured this exquisite mystery, magic and assassin-tinged fantasy conclusion in two days.”

5 –

Andrzej Sapkowski – Baptism of Fire – 9.5/10


I said = “This series is finally reaching the lofty heights that it has always hinted at.”

4 –

Mark Lawrence – Grey Sister – 9.7/10


I said = “The more devilish Nona gets the more intriguing she appears to us all. For readers: It’s Mark Lawrence. So stop reading this and buy the book.”

3 –

R F Kuang – The Poppy War – 9.4/10


I said = “A masterpiece by grimdark’s newest and perhaps darkest daughter.”

2 –

Chris Wooding – The Ember Blade – 9.7/10


I said = “One of the best fantasy books I’ve read in years. An instant classic!”

1 –

Josiah Bancroft – The Hod King – 9.8/10


I said = “Bancroft is a genius at work and every single entry in the series is getting better”

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