Fantasy Book Review’s #spfbo top 4 picks for the cover contest finals.

If you haven’t heard of #SPFBO then look here for all the best links compiled together for this years contest at: http://mark—

If you didn’t know, this contest is run by the fantasy writer and the legend that is Mark Lawrence (Prince of Thorns, Prince of Fools, Red Sister).

Self Published Fantasy Blog Off #3 asks the 10 esteemed bloggers to vote for their top 3 covers out of their 30 allocated novels for the overall cover competition. That part in itself was unbelievably difficult. During my Fantasy Book Review picks I had to exclude at least 3 supremely excellent covers for this final stage and it took me days to choose my final picks. So, bloggers can vote for 4 favourites in the cover event. The lucky public can vote for as many of the 30 that they find, well, great covers.

Here is the link and all vote if you can. Vote before you carry on with this post šŸ˜‰


As a random exercise, which will not affect my official blogger ratings; today I asked 15 friends their thoughts when picking their top 3, I would say about 23 covers were picked amongst all the top 3’s. That was a geeky study that I did for myself but I think it depicts that there is so much quality here that all the 30 are winners.

It is so difficult, but I have to post my top 1-4 in order. If it is a tie then I think this works sort of like goal difference lol. I will also post the 4 that just missed out in no order. PS. This has been so hard to do. Maybe try your own top 4 on your blog or in these comments, after voting officially of course.

1. Benedict Patrick – Where The Waters Turn Black


2. Ben Galley – Heart of Stone


3. Jennifer Anne Davis – Cage of Deceit


4. Steven Kelliher – Valley of Embers


In no order, these next 4 covers were so close it hurts.





2 thoughts on “Fantasy Book Review’s #spfbo top 4 picks for the cover contest finals.

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  1. Such beautiful covers you have in your lot. This year almost all the blogs have received books with great covers. šŸ™‚ My fav 4 are the same as yours from this lot. Heart of Stone is the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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