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Hi, I’m James. I love reading a wide range of books, playing pool in a couple of leagues, seeing friends and losing myself in role playing games and shoot ’em ups on Xbox One. I recently passed my CII Certificate in Insurance and my Google Certificate in Online Marketing. I am currently studying for my CII Insurance Diploma and my Shaw Academy Diploma in Graphic Design. In the near future I wish to take a course to become a life coach provided by The Coaching Academy. I like to mix things up a bit and I am always either reading or studying. I attended university at Aberystwyth, Wales where I made many amazing friends. If I save up money for a few years then when I am 35 I want to do another degree at an accelerated pace of study and get invited into a secret cult where lecturers and geniuses discuss nonsensical nothingness over expensive wine.

Review of ~ Tasha Suri – Empire of Sand


I received an uncorrected proof copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Tasha Suri and Orbit Books.

In Empire of Sand, the original and excellent South Asian influenced fantasy debut of Tasha Suri’s we follow the action of Mehr who is an illegitimate but highborn daughter of a governor of the Ambham Empire. It begins when a Daiva which is sort of a winged and taloned spirit invades the castle and infiltrates Mehr’s younger sister’s room, who is terrified as a young child would be. (more…)


Review of ~ Nicholas Eames – Bloody Rose (The Band #2)


I received an advanced review copy of the well sought after Bloody Rose from Orbit Books in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Nicholas Eames and the awesome Nazia.

Even Eames himself said that the success of Kings of the Wyld was like a guillotine to his neck. Metaphorically of course. With an exceptional, original award-winning debut there will always be doubts about where to go next and if it can be better. I’m happy to say Bloody Rose blows Golden Gabe, Moog, and Slowhand’s adventures out of the water! (more…)

The Top 12 Books I’ve Read This Year… So Far.

Hi everyone.

I’ve got an hour to burn before I go to a work meeting so thought I’d fill the time picking my top 12 books that I’ve read this year… so far! It’s about halfway through the year but I still have about 40 books to read on my Goodreads schedule. Let’s see how many of these make the final cut at the end of the year. One of these books I haven’t finished yet but I know it’s worthy of the list. So without further waffling, here we go… (more…)

Review of ~ Mirsad Salakovic (with Cass Pennant) – The Boy Who Said Nothing


I received a review copy of The Boy Who Said Nothing in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Mirsad Solakovic, Cass Pennant and John Blake Books.

I will keep this as a mini-review as I don’t want to give too much away. I knew nothing about the Bosnian war and the split of Yugoslavia before approaching this book and I had no idea what to expect. The Boy Who Said Nothing is autobiographical about Solakovic’s life. It’s a moving, memorable, engrossing and often shocking memoir with dark moments aplenty about how a boy fled the Bosnian war, after spending time in concentration camps and witnessing family members murdered, to a new and often almost as harrowing life in Britan where he deals with PTSD, tries to find his place in the world and build a future in alien environments. (more…)

Review of ~ RJ Barker – King of Assassins (The Wounded Kingdom #3)


I received an advanced copy of Kings of Assassins in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to RJ Barker and Nazia and Jenni at Orbit. *This may contain slight spoilers for the trilogy*

Well, The Wounded Kingdom trilogy. Where should I start? I can safely say in the (almost) two years I have been reviewing that this is my favourite trilogy that I have read that was released in that timeframe. I was the first person to review Age of Assassins, one of the first to review Blood of Assassins, and I had a to-be-read quota of thirty books as of last Friday. That was until King of Assassins ended up on my doorstep. Everything else took a back seat and I devoured this exquisite mystery, magic and assassin-tinged fantasy conclusion in two days. (more…)

Review of ~ Rob J. Hayes – City of Kings


I received an advanced reader copy of City of Kings in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Rob J. Hayes for the opportunity.

After having thoroughly enjoyed Hayes’ Best Laid Plans duology I jumped at the chance to read City of Kings early – which is set in the same world. The action here follows the events of Hayes’ The Ties That Bind trilogy and features many characters from those books. That being said though it acts as a complete standalone. I’ve not yet read the previous trilogy but still found City of Kings to be a fast-paced and thrilling grimdark adventure with intense levels of brutality. (more…)

Author Spotlight: Devin Madson – Can Magic be Science by another name?

Article written by Devin Madson-

The fantasy of my reading youth all fell into the category we would now call ‘soft magic’. It had no rules and no structure beyond the occasional dusty tome or wizarding school. If someone had asked me to explain the magic systems of Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings or The Belgariad by David Eddings, I couldn’t have done more than point to the places in the narrative where magic existed. I could see it, I knew it was there, I just couldn’t explain it. (more…)