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Hi, I’m James. I love reading a wide range of books, playing pool in a couple of leagues, seeing friends and losing myself in role playing games and shoot ’em ups on Xbox One. I recently passed my CII Certificate in Insurance and my Google Certificate in Online Marketing. I am currently studying for my CII Insurance Diploma and my Shaw Academy Diploma in Graphic Design. In the near future I wish to take a course to become a life coach provided by The Coaching Academy. I like to mix things up a bit and I am always either reading or studying. I attended university at Aberystwyth, Wales where I made many amazing friends. If I save up money for a few years then when I am 35 I want to do another degree at an accelerated pace of study and get invited into a secret cult where lecturers and geniuses discuss nonsensical nothingness over expensive wine.

Review of ~ James Islington – An Echo of Things to Come (The Licanius Trilogy #2)


I received a review copy of An Echo of Things to Come in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Orbit Books and James Islington.

The narrative picks up events one month after The Blinds’ brutal assault on Ilin Illan which concluded The Shadow of What Was Lost. All of the four main point-of-view characters (Davian, Wirr, Asha, and Caeden) find themselves with very different objectives, however, all are hoping to put a stop to what could be an impending invasion beyond reckoning at the hands of a supremely powerful enemy should The Boundary at the edge of Talen Gol fall. (more…)


Review of ~ James Islington – The Shadow of What Was Lost (The Licanius Trilogy #1)


I received a review copy of The Shadow of What Was Lost in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank James Islington and Orbit Books.

To begin with, I really thought this was going to be a “run of the mill” chosen one in a magic school sort of fantasy adventure. Thankfully only about 5-10% takes place at said establishment and the rest embraced a pretty awesome and beautifully depicted fantasy world. It still gives off the “chosen one” vibe throughout but that trope doesn’t bother me if it’s done well. (more…)

Review of ~ RJ Barker – Blood of Assassins (The Wounded Kingdom #2)


I received an advanced review copy of Blood of Assassins in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank RJ Barker and Orbit Books. *May include minor spoilers* To be posted on Fantasy Book Review shortly.

The second novel in The Wounded Kingdom trilogy picks up the action 5-years after the climactic events of Age of Assassins. The assassin Girton Club-Foot and his master have been operating as mercenaries since they left Maniyadoc. They’ve travelled throughout the majority of the Tired Lands following violence and battles, putting their skills in dealing death to use and getting paid for completing vicious and bloody set objectives. (more…)

The 2017 SPFBO Finalists that Gave a Fuck [NSFW]

The Fantasy Inn

I was in a group conversation with Esme from the Stabby award-winning blog, The Weatherwax Report when she said that she wanted to do a “fuck counter”. I thought that was a great idea, so I decided to go through all 10 SPFBO finalists and plot the swearing and cursing and all those four letter words. But all credit to the idea goes to Esme.

Without further ado, let’s get started. I want to quickly note here that I only accounted for “real” swear words. Invented swear words, if they occurred, were not counted.

overall findings

  • Every book had some form of swearing in it. If a book only had one swear-word, it occurred at least twice in the novel.
  • Where Loyalties Lie gave the most fucks.
  • Where Loyalties Lie also had the most swearing out of any of the books.
  • Tiger Lily and The Way Into Chaos are practically…

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Blurbs on Covers (New)

I apologise for being a bit geeky but as a book reviewer, I love finding out when my words make a book cover or an Amazon page. I’ve seen a few book posts recently on the Twittersphere and saw my quotes have made the cover of three awesome books and I’m pretty damn proud! I did a post a while ago about covers and Amazon pages I’d been on before so this is just a mini-update with the new additions. Also, one of these is a German version of a book where they translated my quote!! Here are three images below and I advise you all to check out these books, although you’ll have to be fluent in German to enjoy one of them. Note:- if you’re new to my blog then I’ll advise that I write for Fantasy Book Review so nobody gets confused. 🙂 (more…)

Review of ~ Sam J. Miller – Blackfish City


I received an advanced review copy of Blackfish City in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Sam J. Miller and Orbit Books.

The results of the climate wars were that the majority of the Earth was either flooded or burnt to rubble leaving very little in the way of habitual environments. In this futuristic and dystopian world, people now reside in an astonishingly well engineered floating city that has been constructed in the Arctic Circle. This settlement is bustling with strife between classes, corruption, amazingly advanced technology, and also rumours of a mysterious lady who arrived one day accompanied by a killer whale and a giant polar bear. (more…)