Review of ~ Mark Owen – No Easy Day


“The only easy day was yesterday. Long live the brotherhood”

This book is written by navy SEAL Mark Owen with assistance provided by Kevin Maurer.. The action discussed is describing what is arguably one of the most influential events of the 21st century. The plan to find and assassinate the Western worlds most despised real life tyrant: Osama Bin Laden!

The book is written in three sections. Mark’s youth as a navy SEAL working his way through BUD/S training and then his process joining the elite unit of the squad and counter terrorism unit- DEVGRU. This part of the book is not that exciting. If you have read army or military biographies before then you will know what you are in for in this section.

The second section surrounds the internal politics and processes when Mark & friends find out that the mission to kill Osama may be forthcoming. This part is okay and quite interesting regarding relationships between all the regiments, the CIA, FBI and also the President himself. Mark was there so it didn’t need to be well researched but he has done a good job showcasing these delicate battle arrangements on these pages and makes us feel as if we were in the room where the discussions were taking place.

The 3rd part. What every SEAL in the 24 man super-team wanted – they get the ‘”all-go” from the President to capture or kill target code-name “Geronimo” (That’s Osama if you weren’t sure).

This section is where the book really comes in to its prime and the reason I envisage the majority of people purchased this text. It explains the whole mission intricately – all 38 minutes culminating in the death of our villain. It doesn’t go without a few hick-ups however. This part was super exciting and is more 4-5 star in isolation.

I don’t want to say too much about the “story”. It is very well written. Similar to other books like this – you feel like you are part of the SEALS at the end as they take us on a journey letting us know all the abbreviations for top secret operations, names of weaponry and also helicopters. (CH-47 anyone? A.k.a The Flying School Bus)

My only real gripe apart from the first half not being that exciting is that the “characters” seem to be  a device for telling this amazing story rather than enhancing it. I didn’t feel any real affinity to any of the people involved. I imagine, for safety reasons they can’t be named therefore are presented as pseudonyms and there family life can’t be discussed here but it felt a bit hollow. This is different to American Sniper that I read recently where we were allowed insight in to his feelings, emotions and views and also family life but in hindsight this may be because the author of this said book was killed either before or very soon after the book was published.

I enjoyed this. If biographies are your cup of tea there is a lot here to appreciate.

To all the true heroes – James x

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