My favourite books that I read before I started reviewing.

I started reading books as a major hobby approximately 5 years ago. I started reviewing about 9 months ago. The following 15 books, in no order, are some of my all time favourites that I read before my reviewing days. I will hopefully come back to re-read and then review them sometime soon. Until then…

Marc Morris ~ Edward I – A Great and Terrible King
History – Goodreads rating – 5-stars


Arthur Conan Doyle ~ The Lost World
Adventure – Goodreads rating – 5-stars


Gaston Leroux ~ The Mystery of the Yellow Room
Mystery – Goodreads rating – 5-stars


Stephen King ~ The Waste Lands
Fantasy – Goodreads rating – 4-stars


The Autobiography of Malcolm X ~ Malcolm X w/ Alex Haley
Autobiography – Goodreads rating – 4-stars


Ian Fleming ~ On Her Majesty’sΒ  Secret Service
Thriller – Goodreads rating – 5-stars


Virgil ~ The Aeneid
Epic – Goodreads rating – 5-stars


Brandon Sanderson ~ Words of Radiance
Fantasy – Goodreads rating – 5-stars


Hunter S. Thompson – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Gonzo journalism – Goodreads rating – 4-stars


Anthony Horowitz – Moriarty
Mystery – Goodreads rating – 5-stars


George Orwell ~ 1984
Dystopian – Goodreads rating – 5-stars


Oscar Wilde ~ The Picture of Dorian Gray
Classics – Goodreads rating – 5-stars


Kevin Dutton ~ Flipnosis
Psychology – Goodreads rating – 4-stars


Ben Macintyre – Agent Zigzag
History – Goodreads rating – 4-stars


Henrik Ibsen ~ A Doll’s House
Plays – Goodreads rating – 4-stars


I know I am not the only person who has had favourite books that were loved before starting to review. Interested in the comments to see if you guys have an pre-review favourites. What do you think of my list? Hope everyone is good x




22 thoughts on “My favourite books that I read before I started reviewing.

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  1. Woah only book I’ve read from this list is Wasteland and it was the final book in the Dark Series that I actually enjoyed . Putting all of your 5 starrer on me Goodreads TBR shelf

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    1. If I didn’t have books in my life then I would feel unfulfilled and my life would be boring. I don’t want to watch idiots on reality TV, I want to get inside the minds of literary geniuses, read and write.


  2. Marc Morris is a great writer of popular histories. His book on the Norman conquest is superb, and his biography of John slightly less so. I will have to pick up that bio of Edward.

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    1. I loved all 3 of the main early Epic’s. Aeneid and Iliad are truly amazing. I think Odyssey is good fun too. I liked following Virgil in Dante’s Inferno too and seeing which circles famous people are in πŸ™‚

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