Blurbs on Covers (New)

I apologise for being a bit geeky but as a book reviewer, I love finding out when my words make a book cover or an Amazon page. I’ve seen a few book posts recently on the Twittersphere and saw my quotes have made the cover of three awesome books and I’m pretty damn proud! I did a post a while ago about covers and Amazon pages I’d been on before so this is just a mini-update with the new additions. Also, one of these is a German version of a book where they translated my quote!! Here are three images below and I advise you all to check out these books, although you’ll have to be fluent in German to enjoy one of them. Note:- if you’re new to my blog then I’ll advise that I write for Fantasy Book Review so nobody gets confused. 🙂

Josiah Bancroft – Senlin Ascends

RJ Barker – Age of Assassins

RJ Barker – Blood of Assassins

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  1. That’s so cool. I wasn’t sure about the “rules” regarding quotes and whether as authors, we need to ask permission, even if the quotes were published publicly. I think I’m answering my own question here. But I’ll ask anyway… did the authors notify you or ask you if it was all right to use your words?

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    1. No, not really. Depends on my relationships with publishers. Sometimes I’ll ask them what quote they are planning to use but I think as soon as I post a review they can post it anywhere they want. To begin with though, if you’re unsure then just ask the bloggers permission so no one can have any issues.

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