SPFBO’s best Fantasy Book Review covers and my top 10 picks for who will win the overall contest.

As many of you cool cats may know… I am a judge for Fantasy Book Review for this amazing and awesome competition. Check out http://booknest.eu/reviews/content/spfbo-news for all the best up to date #SPFBO news.

First off, my favourite three covers for my thirty are as follows:




My top picks to win the overall contest (not just for the cover art) are the 10 below. This isn’t to say an amazing gem I haven’t picked will not be revealed to the lucky unsuspecting audience to enjoy and perhaps even win the competition. That is what makes it so bloody exciting.











So, they are my ten picks. I know another 290 are involved and I give all the authors my best of luck. If I have missed any key releases let me know in the comments. Peace x








12 thoughts on “SPFBO’s best Fantasy Book Review covers and my top 10 picks for who will win the overall contest.

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      1. Yes. I have read a couple of ARCs from this year’s competitors. They aren’t any less than trad-pub ones. Actually, some are even better.

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  1. I’m delighted to see two things here.
    Firstly, that our independantly published books are not being viewed as second grade compared to traditionally published books. When an author pays for an editor, proofreader and cover designer and covers developemental editing with the help of beta readers the book has been through more or less the same process a traditionally published book has with the exception of the marketing process.
    The second thing I’m delighted to see is my book in the list of 10 πŸ™‚
    Part Two of the story is also offered to SPFBO reviewers/judges.

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  2. Those do look pretty amazing. I especially like the cover for “The Heart of Stone.”
    (Also, I think that the first link you posted at the beginning of this article might be dead. 😦 Hopefully I’m wrong, but if I’m not, I thought I’d let you know.)
    Thanks for sharing, though. Seems like a cool contest!

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