The top fantasy debut releases of 2017

Hi, all. This list is in no particular order. The first seven are books I have read and the remaining four are books that I NEED to read. I decided a top eleven was the best way to go for this article as I didn’t want to omit a quality release. I believe that the majority of these books will become benchmarks of quality in the fantasy fiction genre. You heard it here first gang. x

Nicholas Eames – Kings of the Wyld


What I said: A fast-paced, excellently written, and extremely enjoyable fantasy story.

Booknest said: Pay attention every avid fantasy reader; let me do you a favour. Make sure you read this book no matter what. As of now, I’m calling Kings of the Wyld one of the best fantasy debuts of all time.

Bookwraiths said: So are you looking for some fun in your fantasy? Dig the idea of old bands getting back together for reunion tours? Find yourself in need of some hardcore bromance? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you need to read Kings of the Wyld quickly, because it will leave you with a smile on your face.

Ed McDonald – Blackwing


What I said: Guaranteed already, this will be one of the best books I will read this year. (Yes, they edited my words slightly for the cover before your say I blatently copied the quote on the book lol)

Bookbag said: Ed McDonald is an author to watch out for. I don’t say things like this lightly. I read a lot of fantasy, and I don’t hesitate to say that this will be one of the biggest fantasy debuts of the year.

Fantasy Book Critic said: Ed McDonald has taken something old and made it new. He’s taken something borrowed amongst authors, and beaten it all shades of black and blue, and presented us with this thing unlike anything else before it.

RJ Barker – Age of Assassins


What I said: Simply unputdownable… a perfect mix of fantasy and mystery.

Dave on Goodreads said: Girton Club-Foot is a refreshingly different hero, and this is a splendid tale.

Sarah Gailey – River of Teeth


What I said: An enjoyable and exciting hippo-fuelled fantasy western

KittyG Books said: This novella was excellent rollicking fun

Anna Stephens – Godblind


What I said: A thrilling, unrelenting and a brilliantly presented debut

Peter McLean (author) said: Impressive

The Tattoed Book Geek said: Fast paced, visceral, bloodthirsty with plenty of gore-drenched action, an abundance of colourful language, humour, the occasional splattering of emotion, characters to root for, and assholes to hate all added together make Godblind a tremendous debut from Stephens and a fantastic read.

Vic James – Gilded Cage


What I said: An extraordinarily good story by a gifted new author.

Sci-fi now said: It’s smart, engrossing and incredibly snappily written, with so many compelling characters and pulse-quickening situations that the whole book just flies by.

Chris Sharp – Cold Counsel


What I said: Highly recommended, firstly for the plot and action, secondly to say you have read a book where the Troll was the hero

Fantasy-Faction said: A troll, a night-hag and an undead goblin walk into a bar.

What? Oh, it’s not a joke. It’s how the post-credits scene would look if Chris Sharp’s novel were a Marvel movie instead of a book.

T.M. Lakomy – The Shadow Crucible


What I think: This seems amazing. Magic-wielders and demons in an ancient Britain. Fantastic.

Freddy on Goodreads said: What happens when a goth takes on religion in medieval England?!

Anna Smith Spark –  The Court of Broken Knives


What I think: This will be a huge deal in the world of Grimdark fantasy. My arc should arrive in the next few days and I cannot wait.

Judith on Goodreads said: This is an absolutely breath-taking debut and more than lives up to author Anna Smith-Spark’s reputation as the new Queen of Grimdark.

Deborah A. Wolf – The Dragon’s Legacy


What I think: I learnt about this book through Nimrod’s awesomely composed Goodreads list. – The Dragon’s Legacy sounds great and I can’t wait to lose myself in this fantasy world.

C.T. Phipps (author) said: The Dragon’s Legacy is proper epic fantasy and up there with The Wheel of Time and the Witcher Saga.

The Tattoed Book Geek said: This was my first foray into what I’ve recently seen as being dubbed the ‘sand and sorcery’ genre of fantasy and I absolutely loved it. Finding The Dragon’s Legacy to have everything that a great fantasy book needs, add in a conclusion that leaves you questioning both what happens next and wanting more, and you find yourself with an exceptional debut and a top quality book that deserves to be read. (The only blog I have cited twice. Good work Drew)

Isabelle Steiger – The Empire’s Ghost


What I think: In similar fashion to the last book on this post, I learnt about this book on Nimrod’s Goodreads list. The blurb goes like this “Isabelle Steiger has crafted a powerful and masterful debut with The Empire’s Ghost, the first book in a haunting new epic fantasy series.” This all sounds great to me.

The BiblioSanctum said: The Empire’s Ghost is a solid entry into the epic fantasy genre and an admirable debut

So, that is my list. If I have missed any key releases then let me know in the comments. This is a great year of debuts and I guarantee that one of these 11 books will win the Gemmell award for best debut release next year. Thank you for reading. James x








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  1. Posting on fantasy faction, go you! 😀

    Cool list. Godblind was great and Kings of the Wyld is just pure fricking awesome! Blackwing sounds mega, looking forward to that and The Court of Broken Knives, supposed to be getting a copy of that, hopefully it’ll arrive.😀

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  2. My bet is in 10 years nobody will remember 6/7ths of these. In 5 years only half of them will have written another memorable book and in 2 years all but one of them will have churned out 3 or 4 books, none of which anyone will like 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent list – a few that I’ve got already lined up and a couple that I have on my wishlist. Love the sound of the western with hippos – read some positive things for that one.
    Lynn 😀

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