Review of ~ Craig Schaefer – Ghosts of Gotham


“I am thinking,” the voice in the chaos said to Lionel, “of writing a new tragedy. You’re going to play the hero.”

I received an advanced reading copy of Ghosts of Gotham in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Craig Schaefer and 47North for the opportunity.

Lionel Page is an investigative journalist who often goes deep undercover to uncover charlatan healers, psychics, and magicians. After exposing Reverend Wright as a fraud to his many admirers Lionel is approached by an apprentice journalist. (more…)


Review of ~ Ed McDonald – Crowfall (Raven’s Mark, #3)


“Another Heart of the Void? The sky is shattered, the rain sends men mad. Even the geese are trying to eat us. What the fuck do we have to gain by unleashing that kind of power again?”

I received an advanced reading copy of Crowfall in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Ed McDonald and Ace Books for the opportunity. May contain spoilers for Ravencry.

Crowfall is an engaging and thrilling final chapter to an excellent dark fantasy trilogy. I have seen the Raven’s Mark series referred to as Grimheart. I thought that tag was a joke initially but the more I have thought about it the more fitting the label actually seems. However chaotic, gruesome, or terrible things may seem in this world there are always underlining currents of hope and love. (more…)

Review of ~ John Gwynne – A Time of Blood (Of Blood and Bone #2)


I received an uncorrected proof copy of A Time of Blood in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank John Gwynne and Pan Macmillian for the opportunity. This review will contain spoilers for A Time of Dread.

The second entry in the Of Blood and Bone trilogy starts one day after the legendary giant Sig’s last stand against the Kadoshim forces. Her heroism granted her comrades enough time to escape and we pick up the action with Drem, Cullen, and Keld. (more…)

Review of ~ Peter Newman – The Ruthless (Deathless #2)


I received an advanced copy of The Ruthless in an exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Peter Newman and Harper Voyager for this opportunity. Spoilers for The Deathless.

The Ruthless is set sixteen-years after the finale of The Deathless. During this time Lady Pari Tanzanite has been between lives and the narrative begins with her rebirth into a younger vessel. Throughout this period Mother Chandri has been raising her son Satyendra who is the proposed rebirth vessel for Sapphire Lord Rochant but without Chandri being aware, there is utter evil inside her son and he might not give up his life so easily. (more…)

Review of ~ Stephen King – The Wind Through The Keyhole (The Dark Tower #4.5)


The first fantasy series that I ever read was Stephen King’s epic The Dark Tower. Looking back, it is by no means my favourite fantasy series however it opened the door for me to this wonderful genre that I’ve loved for 7-years. In similar fashion to the Russian doll-esque tale featured in The Wind Through the Keyhole, there is a story within a story with reference to my experiences too. (more…)

Review of ~ Peter McLean – Priest of Lies (War for the Rose Throne #2)


I received an uncorrected proof copy of Priest of Lies in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Peter McLean and Ace Books for the opportunity.

We return to Ellinburg following the first person perspective of gangster boss Thomas Piety, the head of the Pious Men. The way that McLean writes led me to feel like I was actually walking the streets of The Stink, enjoying a mug of beer in the Tanner’s Arms and that I was almost a member of the Pious Men myself. When a fantasy world has me that invested then it is difficult for an author to do much wrong. (more…)

Review of ~ Jane Rawson – From the Wreck


I received an uncorrected proof and a finished version of From The Wreck in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Jane Rawson and Picador. This review is based on the final product. *Minor spoilers*

“But I, awakened from sleep, considered in my excellent heart whether to drop from the deck and die right there in the sea or endure, keep silent, go on being of the living.” Homer – Odyssey

Rawson’s Aurealis award-winning novel is a unique, intelligent and thought-provoking alternative history/ science fiction merger. This narrative begins with (more…)