Review of ~ Mark Lawrence – The Book That Wouldn’t Burn (The Library Trilogy #1)

Evar is a young gentleman who resides within a section of the behemothic library that is the setting of a huge proportion of The Book That Wouldn't Burn. He lives alongside his peculiar family: a soldier, an assistant, and his brothers and sister. Each of his adopted siblings has a particular area of expertise, be... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ Stephen Aryan – The Judas Blossom

The Judas Blossom is an ambitious, majestic and brutal historical fantasy read that impresses throughout. The novel skilfully covers an era, areas, and cultures that are not typical with fantasy novels or historical retellings. Set in the 13th century, we follow four main point of view perspectives: Hulagu (a warlord), Kokochin (one of his many... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ Hannah Kaner – Godkiller

“You are not welcome here, Godkiller” is a simple statement that piqued my curiosity when I opened the package that included Hannah Kaner’s upcoming fantasy debut. I was so intrigued that I opted to read Godkiller next. I’m content that I did as this release is a fascinating and engaging dark fantasy adventure reminiscent of Sapkowski’s The Witcher series.... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ Daniel Abraham – The King’s Blood (The Dagger and the Coin #2)

The King’s Blood is another strong entry in Abraham’s politically charged, character-driven fantasy series, The Dagger and the Coin. The Dragon’s Path helped get me out of a reading slump and The King’s Blood features more of the same fine elements that kept me engaged during the first entry. Complex and often misunderstood lead characters, excellent drama, high stakes,... Continue Reading →

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