Review of ~ Jules Verne – Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (Extraordinary Voyages # 3)

8/10 "As long as the heart beats, as long as your body and soul keep together, I cannot admit that any creature endowed with a will has need to despair of life" I thought this book was brilliant and superbly well written by Venre as I will summarise below. It follows 3 main characters:- 1)... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ Jules Verne – Around The World In 80 Days (Extraordinary Voyages #11)

9/10 "Truly, would you not for less than that make a tour around the world?" This is the second Verne book I have devoured in under two days which have both been accredited five stars. I could end the review at that and I would be content! Similar to The Journey to the Centre of... Continue Reading →

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