Review of ~ Anonymous – The Legendary Adventures of Alexander the Great (Penguin Epics, #13)

6.5/10 - The Legendary Adventures of Alexander the Great is a short novel within the Penguin Epics collection. Essentially these are shortish texts about some of the finest figures in history or mythology and other titles in the series include tales about Aeneas, Beowulf and King Arthur amongst others. The full text that this book... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ John Man – Genghis Khan: Life, Death, and Resurrection

5.5/10 This book was written in two different perspectives/styles. One was like a typical history book, explaining an amazing and important historic era surrounding an infamous warrior and an amazingly colourful supporting cast chronologically. The other was the writer John Man conversing and travelling with experts of the era and the characters portrayed in visiting... Continue Reading →

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