Review of ~ Mark Owen – No Easy Day

7/10 "The only easy day was yesterday. Long live the brotherhood" This book is written by navy SEAL Mark Owen with assistance provided by Kevin Maurer.. The action discussed is describing what is arguably one of the most influential events of the 21st century. The plan to find and assassinate the Western worlds most despised... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ Chris Kyle – American Sniper

7/10 This book is presented from the perspective of Navy Seal Chris Kyle and I listened to it via Audiobook. I had seen the film advertised and before I watched that thought I would check out this book before hand. Chris is an American loving, God-fearing, gun enthusiast who tells us his tale. It goes... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ Jimmy White – Second Wind

4.5/10 This was an interesting read. Jimmy White along with Alex Higgins and Ronnie O'Sullivan seem to be the public's favourite snooker players and Jimmy was the player I knew less about from the aforementioned. History loves a tragic complex misguided hero and that is what Jimmy is here. Snooker/alcohol/drug and woman loving he reveals... Continue Reading →

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