I haven’t updated this for a while and probably won’t. This was feedback from my first few months of reviewing.

Nicholas Eames – Author of Kings of the Wyld

Thanks, James! Love this review. And a fine choice of quote to end it with!

Anna Stephens – Author of Godblind

James, what a fantastic review

Chris Sharp – Author of Cold Counsel

Thank you for reading, GETTING, writing this very fine review. I actually wrote very much of the dialogue – saying words – out loud as kind of a Scottish pirate. Glad you saw that it wasn’t cave man/child like – more guttural cockney

Petros Triantaflloy – Creator and owner of Booknest.EU

You’re writing amazing reviews

Michael. R Fletcher – Author of Ghosts of Tomorrow

Great review

Vic James – Author of Gilded Cage

So thrilled you loved it, James – thank you!

John Gwynne – Author of The Faithful and the Fallen

Thank-yu for your reviews and support – I think word of mouth is still the best advertising, so I am most grateful that you take the time both to message me and to write your eloquent reviews of the Faithful and the Fallen. That means a great deal to me.

Brian Staveley – Author of Skullsworn

Thanks for taking the time to read and review! Was glad to hear that it read well for someone unfamiliar with the trilogy…

Mark Lawrence – Author of Book of the Ancestor/ Red Queen’s War

Many thanks for a great review!

Will Ottley – Author of Mountain Garden


Thanks for such a professionally written review. You really got the book and covered all the aspects:)

I really appreciate it.

Best wishes,

Eddie Owens – Author of Millie Hardiman and The Red Parrot Fever

Hi James,

Thanks for your very nice review.

I’m glad that you enjoyed it.



Holden R Johnson – Author of The Red Heir

Thank you so much for the review and kind words James! I’m so glad that you were willing to give it a chance. For someone with such great taste in books, it’s an honour that you have not only taken the time to read it, but that you enjoyed it and thought highly of it. As a new author, that’s the best thing you can ask for. And can I just say, the way you write reviews makes me excited to read more of your writing. You are damn good at it.

Nicholas Adams – Author of Imprint

Thank you, James, for such a well thought out review!