Review of ~ Bernard Cornwell – Warriors of the Storm (The Saxon Stories #9)

Warriors of the Storm is the 9th entry in The Saxon Stories series that follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg and it is my favourite of the books so far. It has a brilliant opening and the standard doesn’t drop for the length of the whole book. At the beginning of Warriors of the Storm, a fifty-something-year-old... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ Christopher Paolini – To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

I received a limited edition proof copy of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Christopher Paolini and Tor Books. Originally posted on Grimdark Magazine. In To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, we follow the third-person perspective of Kira who is a xenobiologist. We join... Continue Reading →

The 2017 SPFBO Finalists that Gave a Fuck [NSFW]

The Fantasy Inn

I was in a group conversation with Esme from the Stabby award-winning blog, The Weatherwax Report when she said that she wanted to do a “fuck counter”. I thought that was a great idea, so I decided to go through all 10 SPFBO finalists and plot the swearing and cursing and all those four letter words. But all credit to the idea goes to Esme.

Without further ado, let’s get started. I want to quickly note here that I only accounted for “real” swear words. Invented swear words, if they occurred, were not counted.

overall findings

  • Every book had some form of swearing in it. If a book only had one swear-word, it occurred at least twice in the novel.
  • Where Loyalties Lie gave the most fucks.
  • Where Loyalties Lie also had the most swearing out of any of the books.
  • Tiger Lily and The Way Into Chaos are practically…

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Black Antlers

I thought I’d keep a note of some nice reviews on this site of Age of Assassins so I can come here and remember the good old days when everything was lovely and clouds rained down candyfloss each time someone decides they hate it.

Dave is clearly a man of charm and integrity.

Age of Assassins – RJ Barker

James Tivendale of the Fantasy Book review is a gentleman and a scholar.

The hands of fate chose Paul because he is most wise.

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