Review of ~ Richard K. Morgan – The Cold Commands (A Land Fit For Heroes #2)

In The Cold Commands, the second book in the A Land Fit for Heroes trilogy, we rejoin the tale of “hero, dragonslayer, and faggot” Ringil Eskiath. He’s now 31-years-old and there is a price on his head throughout Trelayne following on from his deeds that concluded the events of The Steel Remains. He’s changed dramatically... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ N. K. Jemisin – The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (Inheritence #1)

8/10 - The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms follows Yeine, a nineteen-year-old who, at the novel’s beginning, is invited to visit her family seat by her grandfather Dekarta Arameri. The family seat is the city of Sky which is the heart of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and includes a beautiful and impressive floating palace. The reason for... Continue Reading →

Review of ~ Rob J. Hayes – Never Die

7.5/10 I received an uncorrected proof copy of Never Die in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Rob J. Hayes for the opportunity. The tale begins with an assault on Kaishi City. The notorious bandit Flaming Fist is searching for his missing daughter and will literally burn, and his accompanying rebel army will... Continue Reading →

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