Review of ~ G.K. Chesterton – The Innocence of Father Brown


My dad is currently watching the BBC series of Father Brown and after jokingly telling him how terrible the show seemed (which it really didn’t at all) I decided to pick up Chesterton’s first Father Brown collection to see how the stories compare to the show and because I love to sink my teeth into a good mystery tale occasionally. The Innocence of Father Brown is a collection of interesting and sometimes surprising mystery short stories set in the early twentieth century. The main character is the priest Father Brown who tries his hand as an amateur detective occasionally. He doesn’t really care about the true consequences of the law and often tries to figure out these crimes so he can save people in this world before they move on to the next. The only other recurring character is Hercule Flambeau who is a world-famous thief turned private detective and he became a good friend of Father Brown after their paths crossed numerous times. Each of these tales takes about 20 minutes to complete often concluding with a Sherlock Holmes-esque this is what really happened speech by the priest. A good set of stories to dip into and I will check out the next collection asap.

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