Review of ~ Alex Perry – The War of Undoing (Kyland Falls #1)


DNF @ 47%. This is a quick casual review as I didn’t complete The War of Undoing.

This was a difficult one for me as it gave me very mixed feelings.

The writing is tight, neat and the book has no errors that I noticed. The editing seemed pretty top quality too apart from certain chapters that dragged on a bit too much. It’s original and interesting. The prologue was really enticing and sets up the narrative well. The magic system seems pretty well worked mixed into two sorts. Magical capabilities wielded by vumas, and the brotherhood of lightning, and enchanted powerful weapons that are used by humans in this war of the ages. The history seems pretty deep and well worked. Descriptions and the world-building weren’t bad either and Perry created a heightened imagery in the well-crafted environments such as the forest of Hob.

I made it to approximately page 280. My issues with this story were that I had to work hard to get emotionally engaged enough to pick the book back up. It really does have some excellent set-pieces here and there but with chapters only lasting about 10 minutes, unfortunately, it didn’t take too long until a scene arrived though that just wasn’t exciting at all. However smooth the writing is, it included four points of view perspectives which were all written in the first person. Three of these were siblings often talking about each other and it came across as the same voice for all of them apart from they all had a unique trait. One was a book reader, one was an adventurer, one was a scientist, and the other who wasn’t a sibling was a wide-eyed soldier. It made the voice and presentation all a bit blurry and I couldn’t get engaged with any of the protagonists.

There is a lot for some people to enjoy here especially if you enjoy more old-school, straightforward fantasy in a richly created world. It all seemed a bit too obvious and simple for me when personally I love complexity and depth. One of a few examples I noticed of using what seemed too simple to progress the narrative was when one character said she had no money and her dream was over. In the next chapter, a stranger brings a random jewellery box to pawn that happened to have enough money to help the girl with her adventure. This isn’t a bad book at all but at 620 pages, knowing even if it had an amazing ending I would only maybe rate it 1/10 higher I just decided I didn’t have the time and there are better books out there. I’m not going to give it a formal rating on Goodreads and I’m giving it a 5/10 rating for #SPFBO which isn’t bad to say I didn’t complete it.

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