Scammers Break The Kindle Store

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    1. Hey Bookstooge,

      I don’t know if the post title is original or not, and it may strike you as being clickbaity, but the article addresses real concerns regarding Amazon’s KU program, and the way its ranking systems works.

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  1. I can honestly say I’m not surprised. I’ve had my suspicions (completely unsubstantiated) for quite a while now. Lots of little things. The charts have never functioned good enough for my taste and I never trusted Amazon’s recommendations. I thought it silly when an author uses “Amazon Bestselling Author” to describe themselves……Even if it was just for an hour they’re suddenly a “bestseller”.

    As it turns out we just killed our KU subscription last month because even with two of us we would have saved money just buying the books. Now I’m doubly happy we did that……On second thought maybe I’m paranoid and just happen to be right this time?

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