Covers and Amazon

One of the coolest feelings of being a book blogger is getting your words on Amazon pages or on the covers of books that you love. I’ve been doing this for about ten months now and am not doing too bad. I don’t really follow my reviews but I have been made aware I have made Amazon pages for Brian Staveley, Chris Sharp, and John Gwynne. But, being on covers for books that I really enjoyed is so cool. Such as…




It rules. Bloggers, most you guys write better than me, have more friends, are more eloquent. Keep at what you do because the rewards are out there. Plus, I love reading your reviews.

Peace y’all. x


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  1. It really is a cool thing getting on Amazon pages, seeing something you wrote helping promote a book is great.

    I’m yet to make anywhere in an actual book, maybe someday! But it’s truly awesome that you have massive congratulations.😀

    “Bloggers, most you guys write better than me, have more friends, are more eloquent” – I’m calling bullsh#t on that sentence though Mr!😂 I’m uneloquent, your reviews are always really well written and eloquently worded!

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  2. That’s amazing…I made it in one book’s acknowledgements and their blurbs…it’s an indie book though so it isn’t going to be seen by many.
    Still makes me proud! You should DEF BE PROUD!!

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  3. Hi! Our blogs are the same age! Isn’t that awesome?? 🙂 nice to meet you. Also I see you’re reading Senlin Ascends? I have recently been contacted by their publisher, saying they want to put a quote from my review on their re-release. I am so excited! I haven’t heard from them since, but I hope I get to see it (and I hope I didn’t imagine this and it is happening xD)
    Anyway! Nice meeting you 🙂

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