Review of ~ Eddie Owens – Millie Hardiman and The Red Parrot Fever


I would like to thank the author Eddie Owens for sending me a copy of this E-book in exchange for an honest review.

This tale follows a 13-year-old girl called Millie Hardiman. Her qualities include the fact she is charming, cheeky and strikingly creative. She spends the majority of her time composing vivid and offbeat fabrications to anybody who will listen to a story that she can weave. She is a little liar but there is so much more to it than the negative connotations of that trait. In kooky ways, she calls authority figures in life by their Christian name including parents and teachers and she also enjoys playing golf.

Owen’s presents a lovely narrative that focuses on important aspects of a young teenagers life. We are presented with characters thoughts and emotions regarding first loves, family life and friendship. The three girls we follow mostly are Millie, Chunk and Penny. We also are privy to what happens when those pesky boys get in the way of friends.

It sounds like a typical tale but due to Millie’s overactive imagination she begins helping her father write scripts for the hit darts related sitcom “Double Top”, rubs shoulders with some celebrities and then begins to create her own show “Martian Girl”. We become entranced when invited to this world much like that of typical teenagers; spending days on Whatsapp texting and antics at school but this story includes a wide range of colourful events such as near death experiences, car crashes, dating TV stars, police interviews to just handpick a few. It is presented in a very humorous manner. Some parts made me actually laugh out loud so I looked like a right weirdo in front of my housemate. It is also littered with picturesque similes such as “Penny started attacking the drums like they were killer sharks trying to get on a lifeboat.”

It is obvious the author oozes wit. I would love to meet up and have a beer with him to see what madness we would talk about.

I only have two very minor criticisms. This book is very British in the colloquialisms, the descriptions and the topics in which the characters discuss. This is completely fine by me. I knew what the author was talking about when we are told a character is now sitting on a barge in Walsall and also Bognor’s Got Talent. I can’t help thinking that he may be limiting his audience with this, unfortunately. The wonderful story would definitely be liked by teens of all nations. The other criticism is once again – very minor. I think the cover looks perhaps too childish for the age of individuals that would be captivated by this brilliant and well thought out story.

Thoroughly recommend.

James x >>>

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