Review of ~ Mary Jennifer Payne – Finding Jade



Hello Goodreads friends. I received this story in advance of release from Netgalley for an honest review. I would like the thank Mary Jennifer Payne and dundurnpress for this opportunity.
#Daughtersoflight x.

My good friend, Mrs M J Payne throws us- as lovely readers in to Toronto 2030. Dystopian. Very similar to our existence but climate change has made a difference so characters have to wear masks so they do not find themselves deceased as has happened to many individuals since our three favourite seasons have vanished. Welcome to eternal summer. OOO It is hot. Lots of small children died too.

We follow a lovely teenager called Jasmine, or Jazz to her friends (I have never been c00l enough to give people nicknames like that lol).

She attends school one day.. and isn’t welcome. This is odd. She only lives around the corner but entrance is not allowed for her. Strange. She must then travel miles away to another school.

She ends up in a sort of magic school, full of seers, and females twins who happen to have certain super powers as they are related to Adams first wife. (Don’t tell Eve… she is mean) !

The main characters are our story tellers – Jasmine.. we also hear about Mina who is a bitch but I think she may have something to do with how the story progresses after this book. We have Raphael who sounds like a member of the French Revolution however is Jazz’s main man in letting her know her power as a seer. Which means, telepathy, reading minds, attitude to do damage when a 14 year old girl should not have that vibe within her. She also fancies the pants of him. He is more than meets the eye…. back off Jazz!!! There is a lot more to Jasmine than can be initially analysed  so I (and I hope you fellow readers) can not wait to read the next book of this saga.

The first quarter of this book is similar to our existence. A nice, cool visitation of schools. They even talk about age old things such as Edward Scissor hands… how old it that film in year 2030? Wow.

Okay, so Jasmine visits this school and thinks it is royally weird. Why are there so many twins? And who is this good looking, black hair flaunting Raphael dude?

This is a mix of dystopian and grim past experience and I think these two avenues mix together well. The current 2030 world. Climate change has fucked us up and it isn’t nice.

I do not normally read YA books but I found this stunning. The main story is that we (the author makes us feel part of the gang) are trying to find Jade. Jade is our lovely main first person perspective character Jasmine’s twin sister.

We venture, to find the lovely Jade in the Place-In-Between.. which is a sort of Limbo. People who have been upset with their reality live here between life and the underworld in a shadowy despondent existence. The shadow world is London in ages of dilemma. Wars, plagues, fires … etc…  1943, 1666, whatever happens you do not wish to be there.

For some reason, demons persist in the Place-In-Between but are growing more prominent with their powers… I envisage they are from the underworld but are lurking in this stories equivalent of limbo or purgatory; are after our heroes. They tried to kill our friend Cassandra as a witch, demons took chunks out of our heroes ankles. Demons are after the seers and it is not cool. Good job they have Raphael .. he happens to be more than meets the eye and can help injured people hmmm.

I have said enough. This was my first netgalley review and I thought it was awesome.
Your friend who is more magical than Jazz. James x xx

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