Review of ~ Stephen King – Mr. Mercedes (Bill Hodges #1)


Sorry for being sentimental, however; I am probably in the most depressive state I have ever been within. This book has helped me, bizarrely as it is about a “hard-boiled” ex-cop and a well-created mother loving charismatic and clever serial killer.

Stephen King with his commercial success – I did not think this day would ever come with him receiving such a high rating from me, except perhaps the Dark Tower series which I did appreciate.

I can’t start to analyse how good this is. I am depressed reviewer so let’s see what my words can compose. Bill Hodges is a great character, he is there watching daytime TV until he gets a letter from the one case that got away whilst he is eating the business end of a revolver he loves and keeps on his couch.

So many great scenes – I do not wish to disclose spoilers but the relationship with Brady and his mum, the relationship with Hodges and the sister of a lady who committed suicide following on from taunts from Brady (the Mercedes killer) under the fictional discreet chat room of the Blue Umbrella. I like Jerome, the Negro who played the ‘nigger’ card when it suited him but is a high-class genius who I really hope is in the next two books. I also loved Hollie, the middle aged ‘mentalist’ who probably got how far she did with deductions with her mental instability to get into the mind of the Mercedes Killer. This was amazing. I just wrote this review off the top of my head and I won’t edit it and I do not care as that his how I feel right now.

The ending was brilliant, potentially loss of 1000’s of lives at an equivalent of the fictional One Direction show.

I loved this book. I am in a weird space mentally right now, probably why I understood all the characters so well. If you haven’t then read it. It is amazing. Your friend (who is still sad in life right now) James x

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