Review of ~ Steven Erikson – House Of Chains (Malazan Book Of The Fallen #4)


It is astonishing how every book in this series seems to get better than the one before. The sheer size of the cast is phenomenal however it seems like each character has an important role to play in the grand scheme of things and there are no ‘bit-part’ players. New characters such as Karsa Orlong, L’oric and Trull Senegar become favourites straight away and that is down to Erikson’s skill as a writer. I will admit that I go a bit sentimental when we find out what characters such as Quick Ben, Kalam and Fiddler are up to when reading.. To the extent where it transpires that Strings is Fiddler I actually did a mini fist bump and silent wooop to myself.

In the first few books the world Erikson was describing was so vast and complicated it was sometimes confusing and I had to read certain sections more than once. Yet, now that we are revisiting some of these places again it adds to the overall creation and heightening of the picture that Erikson is trying to paint for us. The book takes place after the events of Deadhouse Gates and Memories of Ice. A lot of the story is almost the opposite of the path Coltaine walked on the Chain of Dogs.

As previous books in the series I love finding out about the God’s motives and as a previous reviewer stated – these sections are ‘Homeric’ when the God’s converse with humans/mortals. I am interested to find out more about Cotillion. This book made him seem more human and emotional than we were given witness to before and that intrigues me. I won’t delve too much into plot details. I will say that I am looking to start reading Midnight Tides straight away as I can’t wait to be thrown headfirst back in to Erikson’s world. Peace James x


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