Review of ~ Jimmy White – Second Wind


This was an interesting read. Jimmy White along with Alex Higgins and Ronnie O’Sullivan seem to be the public’s favourite snooker players and Jimmy was the player I knew less about from the aforementioned.

History loves a tragic complex misguided hero and that is what Jimmy is here. Snooker/alcohol/drug and woman loving he reveals some of his best and worst moments on and off a snooker table. Parts I enjoyed were his friendship with Higgins, O’Sullivan, The Rolling Stones, one of the Kray brothers. It is cool to see the wide range of people who frequented with the Whirlwind – whether he is in rough underground snooker bars, at the Crucible or in obscure places the world over.

I liked his honesty with the drugs and his relationship with his wife but I think that every time he admitted to doing something wrong he would be too quick to apologise for it or that he didn’t agree with it now he looks back. I think part of this book is a bit too sugar coated to say he is talking about some dark truths here. It was a quick and enjoyable book about a hell of a British sporting legend.


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