Review of ~ Eva Hudson – Run Girl (Ingrid Skyberg #0.5)


I bought this book for free on Amazon as I decided yesterday I wished to read a cool, short thrilling novella that I could race through within 24 hours.

It is a story about our hero; FBI agent Ingrid Skyberg. She happens to be in London doing some lecturing to uninterested English officers in Scotland Yard about how to handle violence to children cases. Then she gets a text. Meet me outside and a car is waiting…

This is how our story commences. The “long and the short” of it is that a very important young lady has gone missing and she needs to be found. Plus no one can know about it. To stop the leaking and to get the best woman on the case they ask for Ingrid.

As it was a short book – I read it as having about four main plot points and then built up dialogues and character building and reacting until we got to these, often great scenes.

The supporting cast to Ingrid are colourful and interesting so I have to respect Eva Hudson for making me care about these characters within 174 pages. They aren’t that complex yet, but this is her prelude to a distinguished series she has established and I will 100% be checking out the rest. Nick Angelis is a charming, mysterious, ex-army officer helping Ingrid on the case and yes, he has a soft spot for her. I wont say too much, but the person behind the missing girl is very clever and throws a lot of false senses around.

It is quite simply written but that is what I needed and it worked well. The pacing of the book was exquisite. The story wasn’t predictable, however; with it being a short book they always seemed to progress to the right scent straight away. Whether this is the ingenious-ness of our hero or a writing device to keep it short and sharp doesn’t matter because it was very good plot progression within the medium. The ending was sort of a woo-ha, the day is saved (I don’t think this is a spoiler in these sort of books but if you consider it is then let me know and I will edit it).

I will 100% be checking out the rest of the series. This was a very pleasant surprise. To reiterate, it is free. You would be silly not to at least check it out.

Peace and love. James x

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