Review of ~ Chris Kyle – American Sniper


This book is presented from the perspective of Navy Seal Chris Kyle and I listened to it via Audiobook.

I had seen the film advertised and before I watched that thought I would check out this book before hand. Chris is an American loving, God-fearing, gun enthusiast who tells us his tale. It goes from his youth working a ranch, to joining up with Buds/ Seal induction course, to his action packed gun-totting life and times as a Seal member and it gives us sometimes quite brutal first hand scenes of the battles he faced during his career; mainly in Iraq (Fallujah etc…)

I have to admit, I was not too into the book straight away. He seemed a bit like an arrogant, opinionated Texan and his presentation was almost one-dimensional. This changes throughout his time in the forces as the Greatest Ever Sniper – nicknamed the Legend by his company and the Devil by his enemies. I think this is due to him finding himself as a person, his passion and also due to his loving wife. (We do hear some 1st person segments from his wife which explain both sides of the spectrum of being in love with a long absent war hero).

Towards the end, this book really comes to its strengths. I would say the last half is 4-5 star. What seemed like nameless friends of Chris at the start who fleet in and out of the story – now become people you really feel for and you can imagine that war doesn’t end happily for everyone. Things heat up out in warfare. Things aren’t going as well at home. The effects the war has on you. His explanation of things the Seals have to do as part of the day job. He explains his ammunition, equipment, and guns like an expert which makes you feel almost like you are on the field of battle. But finally, towards the end – his changes, love for his fellow soldiers and his family really shone through to me. He was still an America loving and politically incorrect guy who should have had a criminal record as long as his arm. However; he was a very likable person and I enjoyed the book finale.

I will now definitely check out the film… (but I have to speak to my girlfriend first as I have ignored her all day whilst listening to this).

Thank you for reading. Peace x

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