Review of ~ Jules Verne – Around The World In 80 Days (Extraordinary Voyages #11)


“Truly, would you not for less than that make a tour around the world?”

This is the second Verne book I have devoured in under two days which have both been accredited five stars. I could end the review at that and I would be content!

Similar to The Journey to the Centre of the Earth which I completed yesterday – Verne creates amazingly awesome and complex characters. The main protagonist Mr. Fogg is an obsessive-compulsive routine loving timekeeper who bets his chums at the club that he can travel around the world in 80 days, which a newspaper said was possible – if no delays were incurred. He is so deep, that so much is beneath the surface of this quiet, content gentleman. Never fearing or worrying whatever dilemmas are thrown in his path and always willing to fail the mission to help his friends. He is also very good at handling a boat. I have to ask – does anyone know if he has been in any of Verne’s previous stories at it seems like he has an amazing past. If he hasn’t been present and that is just what is built up by the writing in this book I am speechless.

His trusty French manservant is amazing too – Not for a long time have two characters been so three dimensional and have I truly cared about them so much in 200 or so pages. This dude is clever, he worries like he is always ruining the plan but he is very loyal, apt gymnast and sometimes a lifesaver.

Other characters Fix (a stalking policeman) and Aouda (a rescued Indian damsel) are amazingly created colourful characters too.

I don’t want to say too much of the story but it takes places all over the world. London, China, India, Japan, HK, America, Liverpool amongst others. Full of amazing set pieces that whilst being gripping always bring a smile to your face. Traveling on an elephant to rescue a lady due to be burnt to the death, fighting bandits on railway lines in the US are just a couple of these many amazing incidents. I was expecting a scene with a hot air balloon which I see in all the film version advertisements which (spoiler) is not in the book.

I do think that later I am going to watch the Steve Coogan /Jackie Chan version of this to see how it compares.

Once again my blogging friends, this was free on Kindle/Amazon. Check it out.

Love as always. James x

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