Review of ~ Scott Lynch – Red Seas Under Red Skies(Gentleman Bastard #2)



I probably enjoyed this book more than the first of the Gentleman Bastard sequence. It starts as fast paced as the previous book ended with Locke & Jean already knee deep in a con involving this worlds equivalent of a Casino known as the Sinspire. The start of the novel flips between this section and also what the characters have been up to since they sailed away from Camorr at the end of book 1. This section showcases a cool transition period which shows the Gentleman Bastard’s as less than their elegant best including an alcoholic Locke!

After the first 200 pages or so – things get very complicated. Locke and Jean playing 3-4 personas depending on who they are talking too. This tale is mixed with poison, trying to rob a vault at the casino, pretending to be pirates, love and quite a few deaths again..

There are a lot more characters in this book than the first that I cared about. So much going on including the divisions of pirates, mages still after Locke & Jean, assassination attempts etc… As I mentioned this is very fast paced and I think the human qualities of the main characters shine – they are not super heroes and are just likely to make mistakes during the long cons. Also – Jean and Locke have the best bromance ever! Can’t wait for the next book.

James x

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  1. To me, I can’t say I liked it all that much because I didn’t really care for any of the factions but Locke and Jean. Really, the pirates and the gamblers and the Archon are all scum so why not let themselves tear each other to bits?


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